Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fusco/Rempe 1pkt Legends tourn Philly

This is a 10 min. teaser of the Rempe/Fusco 1pkt match at the Legends tournament in Philadelphia in 1991, with me, the Beard, as commentator. The full, original accu-stats match runs 3 hours & 5 min. and is now available in DVD format here on this site for $26, and comes highly recommended. If you want to learn some of the intricacies of 1pkt this is the DVD you will want to study and watch. Jimmy Fusco puts on a veritable clinic of how to play master 1 pkt. and squeezes the great Jim Rempe like a python. This is the best-selling accu-stats 1 pkt match of all-time. http://bankingwiththebeard.com/dvds.html#fusco1

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